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Lithium battery

Industry leading 210 Amp Hour Battery

The Atlas brand offers a luxury and experience unmatched anywhere across the industry.

Full street legal light kit, featuring Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, as well as 3 point seat belts for optimal safety. 

Available in a lifted model, or non lifted. The choice is yours 

Luxury at its best

Street legAL

gO LIFTed,

Lead acid or lithium

Go traditional lead acid, or join the lithium revolution with your pick of any Eco Battery upgrade options

Arriving to us as a rolling frame, the Navitas carts give you the option to pick every option out from the ground up. You can also choose from one of our own custom builds in the show room. 

The backbone of the Navitas carts is what's "under the hood".  Featuring the ever desirable 5KW AC Motor and 600 Amp controller from Navitas, there won't be anymore creeping up hills or getting passed by the neighbors. 

The Navitas carts are available in a variety of configurations. From non lifted, to lifted, to 2 seaters, to 6 seaters. We offer any size to fit your needs

full on custom


seater options

disc brakes

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