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    Founded in 2019 by brothers Barry Hall and Chandler Hall, Kart King is one of the premiere custom golf cart and design shops in the South East.  While the bulk of our business consists of standard builds, we specialize in custom one-off golf carts.  We strive to serve our customers with the highest quality and most reliable builds in the industry backed by old school customer service. 


    With most of our team growing up in the golf cart capital of the world, custom carts have run through our veins since we were kids.  They are engrained in us.  They are what we know and what we love.  The challenge to continuously raise the bar is what keeps us pushing the envelope further and further on each cart that rolls out of our doors.  


    Old school customer service is a dying art in America today.  Not anymore.  We were raised on it and we are bringing it back, every single aspect of it.  We invite you to come visit us and let us remind you how things used to be......and show how they should always be.  

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